So Apple just released a new phone for $399. Hmmm… 

This is a new move from Apple. It seems as if their new release takes us back in time to the look of the older iPhones, but with the newer expensive technology of an iPhone 11. This is something we’ve never seen from this monopolistic tech company, and most people certainly did not see it coming. Perhaps this move was an attempt to get people to buy new phones even in the middle of a recession? I highly doubt that this move was on purpose simply because of the fact that Apple typically plans their iPhone releases years in advance, but it sure came in good timing. 

Heres some insight into a few details of what separates this iPhone’s release from those of past years… 

The Camera Quality 

This new iPhone hands down has the BEST bang for buck in terms of camera quality out of any phone on the market. No questions asked. Some even argue that it brings competition to lower end DSLR cameras.

Aside from the 4K camera footage, the new iPhone SE comes with a new blur feature that allows pocket photographers to blur the backgrounds of their photos straight out of the camera app. Let’s just say Apple really changed the game for budget phone cameras.

Apple VS Android

Now this doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual phone itself, but we noticed something in Apple’s advertising campaign that they’ve never done before.

They took a direct shot at Android, and rightfully so. Android users typically love Android because of the bang for the buck phone they get, but now, if we’re being honest there’s really no point in sticking with Android. Your going to get (arguably) a much better phone for a relatively better price.

So Is This THE Phone To Get?

There are still many variables that come in to play here. If price is no factor, then to make a long story short, there are definitely still better options out there. An easy one to point out would be the OnePlus 8 Pro.

Some even say this phone is a great rival to the iPhone 11 Pro, and that thing is a powerhouse of a mobile phone. At the end of the day this premium phone comes at a very premium price point. Clocking in at a price of over $1000 this phone brings some pretty impressive specs when compared to its competition. The major differentiating factor for this mobile phone would have to be the 6.78 inch QHD+ display when compared to the iPhone 11 pros somewhat smaller less pixelated display. Although not too much of a difference, the phone still has various specs that make it an appealing purchase over Apple’s newest iPhone 11 Pro.

Our Opinion

Now as an Apple enthusiast this opinion may have some bias. Actually it’s compltely biased. But for the simplicity and ease of use factor, Apple is killing the game right now. Especially after releasing a new budget price point phone, there is really no reason to be buying cheap Androids anymore. Unless your using your phone for professional work like certain graphic design tasks and presentation production, there’s really no reason to stray away from Apple and spend more money on another premium phone either, and that’s why we think Apple is killing the game. They have pretty much built their entire empire over these last few decades over the simplicity and trend factor of their product line. Now all of that is available for $399. Sounds like Apple’s on the right track to me.

Now Apple vs Android will likely be a feud that will continue on despite Apples pull through with the new iPhone SE. We encourage you to leave a comment on this post and voice your opinion on the subject or perhaps bring up a point you think we missed.

Let’s hear your thoughts!

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